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This page is for up-to-date information from our team and from our readers.  We invite you to share your ideas, tips, etc. that will help others during the construction, remodeling or home maintenance process.  We like the tips as do the DIYers. 


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Friday, April 6, 2007

Spring Check-up

Spring is a great time to review your homes needs.  Winter in Minnesota is particularly hard on your home's exterior.  Siding, Shingles and Windows/Doors all take a beating and need regular care and inspection is needed to prevent long term damage.  Look at your shingles closely.  Are they curling or cracking?  Is the granular material almost worn off?  Check the trim around the outside of your windows.  Are they holding up or are they rotting?  Look at your siding.  Is it starting to show signs of rot or damage?  Patio's that seal working?  Any drafts or freeze up this winter?  With regular maintenance and care, your home's exterior should last for 15-20 years.

Remember....The longer you let the damage or rot continue, the more expensive the repairs can be. 
9:15 pm 

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